Q: How long will my order take to complete?

Typically most orders are done in 3-7 days.  Occasionally they are done in 48 hours if we are slow and sometimes when we are swamped it takes 10 days.


Q: Is it safe to point these at my money site?

If you are familiar enough with SEO and understand the impact of this volume of links, you will know if your site can handle it, and if you do not know that it can handle it, then it can not handle it, its that simple.  In which case you should point these to Tier sites.  Even if you point them to your money site I would include Tier sites.  This is assuming your going for long term rankings, if you are using a churn and burn method then thats completely different and these are most likley fine to point at your money site or 301 redirects to your money site, etc…  (assuming you did the rest of your churn and burn correctly)


Q: What types of links are these?

These are mass links from Trackbacks, Blog Comments, Guestbooks, Image Comments etc…


Q: Are these dofollow or nofollow links?

The bulk of these are nofollow links.  There are some dofollow links, but they are the exception rather then the rule.  Nofollow links still help your SERP rank of course, they simply do not pass page rank.  Given that page rank is basically dead because it hasn’t been updated since 2013 and google said there may never be another update.  If page rank is basically dead, that largely kills the entire concept of nofollow and dofollow links anyway as the only thing a nofollow link doesn’t do is it doesn’t pass page rank.  So if page rank isn’t updated and largely isn’t being used to influence rank then nofollow vs dofollow largely no longer matters.  Of course to be safe you wan’t both kinds of links still and you have to look natural, because “natural” is very much a part of your rank.